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25. August 2020.

#historyoflaw:// Code of Hammurabi

The legal codes are very similar to software or computer code. Writing software literally means writing code like: “if this – then this”. It is the […]
10. August 2020.

3 greatest cyber security risks for companies

In the business world, intrusion into digital systems and data theft by hackers is by far the biggest issue. According to a 2019 Cisco report, as […]
20. July 2020.

Which principles did the USA Government adopted for AI (Artificial intelligence)?

Research by the Oxford University Institute for the Future of Humanity, in which the views of experts for machine learning have been presented, has established that […]
24. June 2020.

Ur-Nammu Law Code

In this Blog, we will begin a series of texts on law codes brought through history, without any pretensions to investigate these subjects to deep. As […]
22. May 2020.

Rise of the Machines

We assume that the most readers of these lines watched the movies The Matrix and The Terminator. For those who have not (or they forgot), the […]
6. May 2020.

Law and Fashion

We are often asked if it is trendy and cool when we represent someone from the fashion industry such as Max Mara or Movem Fashion (Boss), […]
4. July 2020.

We work on-site & remotely
#covid19 #staysafe

16. March 2020.

Remote working

Noting that a state of emergency has been declared in the Republic of Serbia due to a pandemic of corona virus, Naumovic & Partners Law Office […]
16. October 2019.

Panel in Lanaco, Banjaluka: Industrial use of Blockchain

16th October 2019 Lanaco Tech Center, Banjaluka UčeWe participated in Panel discussion in Tech Center of the company Lanaco in Banjaluka ( on a subject „Industrial […]
19. September 2019.

A night of jazz and wine in Naumović & Partners

19. September 19th 2019, Belgrade Law office Naumović & partners hosted the representatives of a business community with the sounds of jazz standards and the selection […]
23. April 2019.

Judgment of Court of Appeal in Belgrade: Rehabilitation of Milan Nedić legally rejected

April 23rd 2019, Belgrade Law office Naumović & partners was actively involved in a process of rehabilitation of Milan Nedić as an attorney of Jewish Community […]
19. March 2019.

Lecture at SAM: Legal risks and traps in running of an ICT company

March 19th 2019 Serbian Association of Managers, Belgrade We held a lecture at Serbian Association of Managers ( under the name Legal risks and traps in running of […]