Labor law, Labor disputes and Counseling in the field of Labor law

Labor law manages and mediates the relations between employees, employees and employer, as well as all participants in the employment process (personnel services, temporary employment agencies, etc.), trade unions and authorities.

Labor law can be divided into individual and collective.

Individual labor law regulates the rights of the employee during their employment relationship, i.e. during the term of the employment contract concluded between the employee and the employer. Some of the areas covered by individual labor law are employment conditions, wages and other employee benefits, safety and health at work, mobbing & discrimination of employees at work and in relation with work, etc.

Collective labor law regulates the legal framework between an employee, employer and Union, if the union is established. This area also defines the association and joint activities of trade unions and other entities.

It is also important to emphasize International Labor Law, which covers work in other countries, obtaining work permits to work abroad in accordance with the regulations of the countries of the European Union, USA, Canada and other countries.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of labor law and is competent to provide complete support to clients regarding drafting of all normative acts in the field of employment relations, termination counselling, counselling and representation of clients in the field of discrimination, harassment and abuse at work, as well as representing the client in other labor law disputes.

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