Intellectual Property (IP)

Protection of intellectual property and copyright

Intellectual property is any product in the broad sense of the word, which came from a creative idea. This term includes both copyright and related rights, patents, trademarks, designs, models, as rights that are protected as such through the regulations of the Republic of Serbia and international regulations.

Intellectual property also includes know-how as a set of operational, explicit or covert information, which is not subject to classical protection and registration, but this does not mean that it cannot otherwise be protected.

Registration of a work of authorship

Domestic right does not constitute the obligation to register a copyrighted work, which means that by the law the author enjoys legal protection from the moment when the copyrighted work is created. Thus, based on the very fact of the creation of the work, the author can invoke his/her copyright and no procedures such as registration of the work and the like need to be performed.

On the other hand, certain intellectual property rights such as a patent, design or trademark must go through a certain formal registration procedure.

Infringement of intellectual property and copyright

If someone infringes your copyright, trademark, patent, design or other intellectual property right, you will have a legal basis for claim toward that person to pay you compensation for the unauthorized use of your work, and to compensate you for the financial loss you have suffered as a result of the unauthorized use of your intellectual property, including lost of profits.

Although the intellectual property protection process itself can be tiring both in time and financially, in the end it always pays off. In addition to the moral satisfaction that you have invented something new and that no one else can steal your idea, protected intellectual property has commercial value and becomes an object of commerce that you can dispose of.

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