Information/Communications/Technology (ICT)

ICT law deals with legal relations in the field of information technology. Due to the complexity of IT as a branch, law in information technology deals with the following topics:

  1. Information - data recorded on paper or in electronic format.
  2. Communications - personal or electronic communications. Communication can be done in writing, orally, by transmitting an analogue or digital signal.
  3. Information Technology - this includes software and hardware.
  4. Communication Technologies - Protocols, Software and Hardware.

In particular, law practice most often advises clients in the areas of intellectual property protection, licensing, technology sharing, outsourcing, e-commerce, consulting services, software and hardware. On certain occasions, law practice assists in the field of data protection and security, the application of regulations and standards, and the harmonization of regulations.

ICT law also covers the relationships between the parties when designing hosting arrangements, domain management, data centre management, licensing, IT support and telecommunications.

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