We believe that it is necessary to invest in people and in our community, because a giving to the community through the promotion of the right values​​ at the same time helps in shaping a better future for ourselves.

We believe that investing in the community helps members of our team to develop their professional skills and they are consequently more engaged with the wider environment.

Therefore, we promote a culture in which everyone has the opportunity to build their career, depending on the ambition and ability, and where paths of success are transparent.

We encourage diversity and equality, which allows us to build the most efficient teams to provide our clients with the highest level of service and to contribute to our wider community.

We believe that the world is a better place case by case.

Pro bono

We are committed to pro bono work, which supports the principle of justice and the rule of law. Therefore, we encourage our employees and associates to give their contribution to it.

Some of these activities are focused on arts and culture, and some on the human rights, non-profit and charity organizations.


Naumović & Partners Attorneys at Law provides pro bono services to non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

We work with non-governmental organizations and we often serve as external advisors to the NGO, so that they can be more clearly focused on their missions.

In all of our pro bono efforts we have a strategic approach to the projects, and we help NGOs in various fields, including the requirements for registration, compliance and regulation, taxation and interpretation of contracts, leases, and employment, among others.

We also help NGO sector with our legal expertise to achieve its socially useful goals.

Occasionally we participate in the NGO bodies and we are constantly involved in various sectors and sections of NGOs by working with them, learning and building our society.

Social Community | Humanitarian Work

We strive to provide active participation in the wider community, both as individuals and as a law office, by supporting and promoting the values ​​that we represent in our business practice.

We use the full width of our knowledge and resources to support our local and global partners in the community in accordance with their needs.

By establishing high standards of corporate social responsibility, we strive to maintain universal values ​​in different ways, including volunteer support; mentoring; professionalism; financial contribution, as well as to create opportunities of capacity building such as organizing of training and seminars.

We are one of the founders of the Foundation Dobar Glas (Good Voice) which collects funds for education of young talents in the Republic of Serbia in the field of fine arts. DOBAR GLAS (Good Voice) Foundation is currently engaged in the field of classical music (http://www.dobarglas.rs/).

We actively assist and we are one of the founders of the Association named JA VERUJEM U SRBIJU (I BELIEVE IN SERBIA) which promotes building of beliefs in Serbia, building of trustworthy Serbia, finding and highlighting positive examples of people, activities and appearances as well as giving admiration to them, highlighting good practice between people and entities in our society, creating awareness of the society that it should believe in the good examples, activities and people.

Student Practice | Training

We provide the opportunity for students to gain their first practical experiences by participating in our pro bono team.

As part of our commitment to building a pro bono culture in the legal profession, we are pleased to be able to offer to a limited number of students to be part of our pro bono team practice each year.