Competition Law and Antitrust

Competition law seeks to maintain fair competition in the markets by regulating the non-competitive and monopolistic activities of companies. Competition law is enforced by public and private liability. In the US, this law is called antitrust, while in Russia and China it is called anti-monopoly. In the European Union, it is also called antitrust and competition law.

When does a violation of competition law occur?

Prohibition of agreements and restricting free trade and competition between companies. This includes in particular the suppression of free trade if a particular company dominates the market or acts in such a manner that it endeavours to establish a dominant position. For example, association for the monopoly, negotiating the prices of goods and services, refusal to cooperate with other companies, association with other companies for exercising monopoly.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of competition law, including counselling regarding restrictive agreements, abuse of dominant position, control of takeovers and status changes, including representation in administrative proceedings in order to obtain appropriate approvals from competent regulatory bodies, as well as representation in civil and misdemeanour proceedings in the field of competition law.

Naumovic & Partners Law Office services in Antitrust & Competition Law
  • Antitrust Litigation
  • Merger Control & Joint Ventures
  • National & European Merger Control
  • Abuse of a Dominant Market Position
  • State Aid & Subsidies
  • Competition Compliance
  • Horizontal & Vertical Cooperation Arrangements